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Other than making up a cool 99.999% of the universe (including the stars),
plasma is considered the fourth state of matter after solids, liquids, and gases.

How Plasma Stimulates Skin Regeneration

Step 1

The arc causes superficial damage to the upper dermal layer of skin and transmits heat to the lower levels of skin.

Plasma Stimulation Skin Regeneration Step One
Plasma Stimulation Skin Regeneration Step Two

Step 2

This causes the new skin to generate collagen and elastin fibres that can fade as we age.

Step 3

Collagen generates for the next 6-8 weeks. The result is improved skin texture, wrinkles are not visible or reduced, and skin is smoother.

Plasma Stimulation Skin Regeneration Step Three

Rather than removing the surface layer of the skin, it stimulates a natural rejuvenation process below the top layer to improve skin tone and texture.

Unlike laser-based solutions, Pure Plasma revitalizing treatments treats the entire dermal architecture, stimulation prolonged neocollengenisis for up 10 12 months post procedure.

Plasma is produced inside the handpiece through the combination of nitrogen gas and microwaves. The plasma is emitted in a millisecond pulse to deliver energy to target tissue.

Pure Plasma treatment heats all tissue components for 100% dermal architecture remodeling unlike fractional technologies that only treat up to 30% of the tissue.

Pure Plasma Machine

Pure Plasma Machine

Pure Plasma uses ionized nitrogen gas to create a controlled microbeam of plasma. When applied to the skin, it creates a thermal effect that stimulates the production of new, healthy, collagen in the dermis. This results in firmer skin and a visible reduction in the appearance of lines and wrinkles.


The Pure Plasma handpiece is designed for ease of use, and is light and ergonomic. The slim design allows for comfort and lower levels of user fatigue. The device emits controlled bursts of plasma from a small tip for precise treatments. The intensity can be adjusted via the handpiece, so that treatments can be customized to each patient’s needs. The use of the handpiece allows for less expensive treatments than traditional surgery

Nitrogen tank

Pure Plasma uses nitrogen gas from a small, portable tank. During a treatment, the nitrogen travels from the tank and through a series of electrodes. The electrical charge ionizes the nitrogen atoms and transforms the gas into plasma.